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Dryandra Woodland

Conservation reserve

Dryandra woodland is a conservation reserve 160km(100mi) south east of Perth Western Australia.

Originally it was part of the local timber industry, the wandoo timbers are a good source of natural tannin ideal for making some of the finest leathers.

In the 1970's the tannins used for leathers changed from natural to synthetic materials this left a large area of both natural and plantation forests dorminat, the governmen turn the area into a conservation reserve as it the last vestiges of natural wandoo forests in Western Australia. The Lions society then started managing the the old timber workers cottages as holiday accomodation.

The Lion Dryandra Village has cottages, cabins and group facilities, its ideal for families. the location is safe and open all amenities that a family could need. All you need to bring is food and bedding, The current prices(August 20080 were $25 per adult and $10 per child over 4

the nearest town is Narrogin 25km, Narogin has all the things one would expect in a country town with a population of about 4,000.

Getting there requires a car, 4wd not necessary. Dryandra has a wide selection of walking tracks from 1 hour to 1 day plus two driving tacks of 25 km in length.

What you'll see is Kangaroos[all day], Wallabies[early evening/early morning], possums[night by torche light] near the cabins. Venture during the day on foot quietly and within 10-15 you may be lucky enough to see some numbats.

At night birnam mia has torch light tours except tuesdays there you'll see many of the local marsupial species including bandicoots, bilbys.

For the bird watchers there's plenty of variety

For the plant lovers there are many different species flowering all year round, including some species like Banksia acanthopoda which is classified as rare in the wild. Isopogan species which are classed as endangered its only because they exist in Dryandra that they havent become extinct.

Oct - Dec warm, occasion hot day 25-35 degC
Dec - Mar hot 30-40 degC, very little rain carry lots of water if your going for a walk
Apr- May 18-25 expect rainy days, or cold nights
May - Aug 10 to 15 daytime -3 to 5 at night, great to snuggle in front of the fire, fine days mean cold nights wet days warmer nights


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